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Friday, December 11, 2009

Slim lolitas do it better? Welcome to the "promoting anorexia" tea party!

It is well known by all that Lolita fashion started in Japan and that, therefore, most sizes you get at the most coveted stwores are not large. But despite this, the Lolita had never been attempted to emphasize thinness ... so far.


Angelic Pretty encouraging international buyers to go on a diet ... What does that It makes you look slim mean, dears? Do the brand designers believe that western lolitas are too fat?

Oh, dear Maki and Asuka, beware what you put in your English site, because if you bite the hand that feeds you ... business can starve you... and you don't want to be hungry, don't you?


Tsuyu said...

Aren't you overreacting? Most clothing designers wants to make clothes with a slimming effect. And one can not argue with that most western people are in general bigger in sizes than asian. Even I as an overweight asian can fit into AP dresses because of my small frame. Lolita fashion demands a very neat silhouette (not meaning skinny, but petite) and I think that's the effect this dress can give.

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